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fiery friendships

One day a boy saw a starfish peeking out of a volcano.
– Be careful, he told her. – You can wake up… 

Vermeil silver and lava necklace

The girl finished the portrait of her mother and thought:
– What is missing?
Then he drew two semicircles on the sides of
– Ears to wear your star earrings
She smiled satisfied.

– Sorry, I've seen you shopping here many times and I've been thinking about talking to you for a while.  Before, Seeing you come in, I made up my mind: "Today I'll talk to her and tell her that I love her earrings." 

The woman who surprised me like this from checkout three at the supermarket was a little younger than me and very nice. I remembered that I had been working there for a long time but I never imagined that she would have Paid attention. My friends smiled as they put the fruit into a bag. 

– They are starfish, right? What material are they made of?
– lava
- Volcanic lava? Curious mix, water and fire... 

At that moment I decided to reproduce my star earrings in silver vermeil.

Silver vermeil and lava earrings


More than 1,900 species of starfish are known. Their habitat is always marine since they maintain, in a delicate balance, their body fluids with the same concentration of salt as the surrounding water. Their shape presents a pentaradial symmetry, unique in the animal kingdom, and they can live between 10 and 34 years. There are fossil records from 485 million years ago. The Minoan culture traced their silhouettes, as a decorative element, on their ceramic objects.

sea and lava

The encounter of the lava with the sea water causes it to solidify. Basically it is a primal struggle between two forces forced to reconcile: Hephaestus and Poseidon. Two friendly arguments that recognize each other in their essence. Waiting, the vegetable world; the one who knows how the rough and the light, the heavy and the rhythmic dialogue.

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