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Frequent questions

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We manage the orders once we have verified the payment. We will do our best to process it as soon as possible. Order management begins on the first business day after the purchase is made and you will receive it within a maximum period of 15 business days.

Orders are received from Monday to Friday until 8:00 p.m.

We will send your jewelery in an individual case, inside a well-protected package, through the NACEX courier company.

At the time of the purchase operation, there is a section where you can enter your promotional code. Once entered, it is activated immediately and the discount will be effective in the final purchase price.

The day we send your order you will receive an email notification. The package will arrive the next day before 20:00 if its destination is in the Iberian Peninsula. In the other destinations, it will depend on the transport time and customs procedures. If you have not received the package in one week, please contact us at hello@belenbajo.com and we will solve the problem.

Orders are only received from Monday to Friday.

Orders are considered defective if they are received damaged by transport or if they have a manufacturing defect. Jewelry damaged by general wear and tear or misuse is not covered by the warranty.

All orders are carefully checked before they are shipped. However, if you receive yours damaged by the carrier, you must notify it immediately, sending a photo of it to the email hello@belenbajo.com. We will contact you to solve it.

You can change or cancel your order in 24 hours after making the purchase. In this case, you must notify us and we will proceed to rectify it.

Shipping Bethlehem Bajo


Orders are sent by the courier company NACEX.

Shipments to the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands are free. If they are to the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla they cost around €10. Shipments to Europe cost approximately €25. If it is any other country in the world, please contact us at hello@belenbajo.com

Prices are approximate. In any case, you can check them when making your purchase online.

Orders sent to countries that are outside the European Union, the Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla, are exempt from VAT.

If this is your case, when the package reaches its destination the competent authorities will contact you so that you pay the corresponding customs duties. Both the amount of these taxes and the time involved in the procedures are completely beyond our control. By purchasing from our online store, you agree to pay these additional charges. If you have any questions about this, contact us at hello@belenbajo.com

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You can pay for your order with your credit card or Paypal.

This payment system complies with secure electronic commerce standards, adopted by the Visa and MasterCard card brands, to guarantee the ownership of the buyer.

Changes and returns Belén Bajo


If you want to return your order, send us an email to hello@belenbajo.com during the next 14 calendar days after receiving the package. The order must be returned in perfect condition and through a certified courier company. Return costs are the responsibility of the buyer. 

The amount of the order will be refunded by the same payment method that was used in the purchase.

If you want to exchange a jewel for a different one after making the purchase, you can do so within 14 calendar days from the receipt of your order. It is important that the jewel is in perfect condition and is returned in its original packaging.

We manufacture the rings in a size 14 and we can adjust them from size 12 to 16. If your size is less than 12 or greater than 16 we will have to manufacture it especially for you and, in those cases, you will not be able to return your ring.

In any case, you must contact us at hello@belenbajo.com and we will pay you the amount as soon as we receive the jewel back.

Belén Bajo Guarantee


All jewelry has a 3-year warranty from the date of purchase. The product warranty is your invoice, so you must keep it.

If necessary, we will repair or replace any jewelry that is defective, free of charge. Any damage to the jewelery caused by improper use or maintenance will be excluded from the guarantee. You can check Jewelry care.

If you consider that the damages are covered by the guarantee or you have doubts about it, contact us by sending an email to hello@belenbajo.com

Information on gold and silver Belén Bajo


An alloy is a homogeneous mixture of different metals to make a jewel have a greater hardness or a certain color.

The carat is a term that quantifies the degree of purity of precious metals.
The gold is 24 karat. It is a soft metal, so it is mixed with other metals, generally silver and copper, to make it harder.
The most common alloys are 18 and 9 carats and they are differentiated by the percentage of pure gold they contain.
The 18-carat alloy contains 75% of pure gold and 25% of silver and copper. The 9-carat alloy contains 35.5% of pure gold and 64.5% of silver and copper.

In 18-carat gold jewelry there are different alloys whose purpose is to achieve different shades. The most used are yellow gold, rose gold and white gold.
The yellow gold contains 75% of pure gold, 12.5% of silver and 12.5% of copper. The rose gold contains a pure gold 75%, a silver 5% and a copper 20%. The white gold contains a pure gold 75%, a palladium 16% and a silver 9%.

Silver is a malleable and soft metal, so it is usually mixed with other metals that give it hardness.
In the case of 925 thousandth silver, the alloy consists of 92.5% of pure silver and 7.5% of copper.

What is 18K gold plated silver?

The 925 thousandths silver jewelry is covered by a layer of 18-karat gold. This layer is at least 2 microns thick and is achieved by electrolysis.

Electrolysis is an electrochemical process that consists of immersing metals in a container filled with a certain chemical solution. The silver surface is charged with negative ions and attracts the gold particles. Finally the application of an electric current fixes the two metals completely. 

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Belén Bajo jewelery care


It is convenient to care for and protect jewelry from bumps and scratches. To do this, keep them separate so they don't get scratched when they collide with each other, in a box or jewelry box. It is important that they are in a dry place and avoid direct sunlight.

Many natural stones are brittle and can deteriorate if not cared for properly.

Soaps, detergents, creams and colognes affect both metal and natural stones. Therefore, it is preferable to avoid these products when putting them on.

We recommend special care with 18k gold plated jewelry. We recommend gently cleaning the jewelry with a microfiber cloth. Thick fabrics should not be used. As with other jewelry, contact of the metal with makeup, colognes and creams, as well as detergents, gels and cleaning products in general, should be avoided. Sweat is a harmful element for the plating, so it is not recommended to play sports with jewelry on. Always store your jewelry in a case or jewelry box where it will remain protected from the sun and humidity to prevent it from oxidizing. 

By taking these tips into account, the plated surface of your jewelry will be more durable. In any case, it must be taken into account that it is a thin sheet of 18k gold that covers the silver, not a solid surface. Over time the jewelry may need to be replated. This is something that happens in absolutely all types of pieces from any luxury brand. 

Size guide

A. measure the inside diameter of a ring

b. look for the equivalence between the mm. and the size