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If a child had to choose a candy, would he choose the green one?
Surely he would prefer strawberry red, lemon yellow or mandarin orange. Tree leaves are not eaten.

What would a green candy taste like? to mint But… what child likes mint? Green candies are definitely for adults.

Silver and green agate ring

Early 19th century painters fell in love with a green pigment whose main ingredient was arsenic. Its color was bright and vivid but it was not known to be poisonous. They called it "Paris green" and it became the fashionable color in art, decoration and fashion. After a while the intoxications began and it was discovered that the humidity of the environment extracted the arsenic from the dye of the wallpaper on the walls and the fabric of the suits. Its inhalation could be deadly.

Silver ring and green agates

Absinthe was a very popular green colored alcoholic beverage at the end of the 19th century. It was made with aromatic plants and herbs, such as wormwood or absinthe, anise, fennel and wild marjoram. They were mixed and then immersed in alcohol and distilled, giving rise to a bitter liquor that was known as "the green fairy". It soon became the drink of the bohemians, who became fond of it and made it fashionable. After a while, he created a serious addiction problem and changed his nickname to “the green devil”.

In Western culture, the color green was associated with spring court rituals. Beginning in May, many European courts required the wearing of a leaf garland or green garment, especially among the young. Surely this is due to the expression "being green" in allusion to youth and lack of experience.

Size guide

A. measure the inside diameter of a ring

b. look for the equivalence between the mm. and the size