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“Behind each jewel there is a team of people who make this project possible.”

"Natural stones are my inseparable companions, the friends with whom I share the pleasure of creating small objects that contain great stories."

Belén Bajo, designer and creative director

"The jewelery trade
It has some alchemy and magic.
It consists of converting a prototype
in a jewel”

Paco Cordoba, jeweler

“There is a challenge and an illusion
behind each call and each gesture.
Talk to our customers
is always an open door
and a call to dialogue”.

Rocío Pelaz, management and administration

“Water moves from one place to another,
always adapting.
It is never a limit, it is always a promise”.

Felix Fuentes, art director

"To communicate is to share seeds
in an effort to find someone to talk to
in an enriching way."

Eva Jusdado, communication, management and advertising on social networks

“The sun is the reminder of something new,
hopeful and free as the press.
I bet on a world without blinds”.

Susana Domínguez, press

Size guide

A. measure the inside diameter of a ring

b. look for the equivalence between the mm. and the size