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Summer, despite what it seems, is not the season of the sun but the time of the shadow. We eagerly seek its shelter and in it we find refuge for the skin and for the spirit.
The hat, with an etymology that leaves no doubt, makes architecture and its promise of protection portable.
It is portable shade. Also nomad. There is something of all this in our proposal for this summer…
Also with a 15% discount.

The cultures of antiquity that did not settle in cities traveled with all their belongings from one place to another. Their preferred form of artistic manifestation was the ornament that they applied to all kinds of objects and to which they devoted all their attention. Its sinuous shapes were capable of containing the entire universe using a highly abstract symbolization.

These ornaments were also used to decorate the body and today we can read them as a protohistory of jewelry: a valuable object, made with unalterable and portable materials; an object capable of crossing spaces and times. A good nomad knows that the goal is the path.

Summer is perhaps the most nomadic season of the year. Rest period and discoveries. Whether you want to or not, you discover yourself dancing on one of those paths that a priori did not appear in your life plan. But there they are. As the photographer Bernard Plossu, an indefatigable nomad, said, the important thing about the trip is making the decision to do it.

In any case, to spend the summer, a verb that is still a minor way to talk about the trip, it is not imperative to move from the site. We just need to have the possibility of experiencing a certain seclusion in an everyday place to enjoy a time that is not that of everyday life and its demands. Similar to what Woody Allen said about the act of going to the movies; "It's like playing hooky to life."

If we listen to Tanizaki, author of praise of the shadow, the Japanese taste for a certain penumbra, the threshold of that joy that dilates life, is reflected in traditional architecture and especially in the roofs that crown the houses. Huge roofs that exceed the floor of the house by far and that create eaves that keep the interior from the sun and excess light. A calculated gloom, like the one that precedes the summer siesta.

Of all the possible hats, and there are quite a few, perhaps one of our favorites is the lock, designed by Lucy Hamar. Its shape, really a rounded felt cone that fitted to the head, had a slight visor that hid the gaze, turning its wearer, and the enigma in her eyes, into a seductive shadow.

When a sheet of gold or silver is placed on top of a stone, it creates a brief period of darkness that alters its appearance. The stone darkens and the jewel acquires greater volume thanks to the play of light and shadow. There is something of theatricality and at the same time calm in the atmosphere that is created there, which transports us to those nap times under the shelter of an umbrella. Nothing more nomadic than her...

We hope you have a happy nomad hiatus. We remind you that we will have it too, so remember that orders placed between July 16 and the end of August will start shipping on September 1.
See you soon!!

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