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“Quartz is the protagonist of most of my jewelry. For me it is more than just a mineral. I like to see him as a character full of life,
with the qualities of the protagonist of a story. Let’s see what are the attributes that best define it.”


It is one of the most abundant minerals in the earth's crust. It is present in nature, wherever we look: high up in the mountains and in the sand of the seas, rivers and deserts.


With a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale, quartz is harder than steel and can be used to scratch or carve other minerals. For something, the word quartz derives from the German quartz and this one from the slav tverdy, which means hard.


Quartz inspired a Greek myth, which explains the violet color of one of its most beautiful varieties: the amethyst. Dionysus, god of wine, became infatuated with a maiden named Amethystos. She did not want him and asked the goddess Artemis for help, who protected her by turning her into crystalline rock. Dionysus spilled his tears of wine on the glass, staining it violet.


As a character of the Renaissance, quartz has resources to carry out a large number of activities.
The carved mineral is used in jewelry, and crude shards are also sold at collectors' fairs, some so large and spectacular that their value is difficult to assess. But in addition, quartz has certain interesting properties for the electronics industry and is used to make watches, radios, televisions or mobile phones. It is also used in the manufacture of glass and ceramics.


When quartz is pure it is completely transparent. It grows at great depth in the form of very well defined hexagonal crystals. He is the very picture of honesty, with nothing to hide. This variety of quartz is called rock crystal.


The appearance of quartz can vary greatly depending on how it was formed by crystallizing. If the quartz crystals are large, transparent or translucent, other minerals give them a wide range of colors, from the intense violet of amethyst to the yellow of citrine, passing through the salmon tone of rose quartz. If the crystals are microscopic, they appear mixed with other minerals of different appearance, as is the case with chalcedony. They can be translucent and suggestive like agates, with their psychedelic concentric drawings, or veined and opaque like jaspers, which can be of as many different colors as you can imagine.

Size guide

A. measure the inside diameter of a ring

b. look for the equivalence between the mm. and the size