dynamic stillness

Imagine a sheet of water

It's not a way, you think; just a surface with diffuse contours.

However, your sense of touch has been immediately summoned.

It seems that everything ends there but, if you have allowed yourself to be seduced, you immediately sense that you can continue testing its immateriality.

Beneath the sheet of water, almost hidden from view, a liquid volume also blurs the contour of your submerged hand.

Suddenly you realize that what seemed calm is nothing more than the claim that turbulence uses to show itself to others.

Two states: turbulent; serene...

Antagonistic? Only in appearance.

Balancing your swing is the key to avoiding both the perplexity of the slow and the wildness of the fast.

A dynamic stillness
Why not?

Size guide

A. measure the inside diameter of a ring

b. look for the equivalence between the mm. and the size