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Xin silver vermeil, glass and quartz necklace

Collar artesanal Xin de plata vermeil de 18k, vidrio ámbar, cuarzo ahumado y cadena de acero galvanizado dorado.


Collar artesanal con un aro de 22 mm en plata vermeil de 18k, una pieza ovalada de vidrio ámbar de 20×12 mm y tres cuentas de cuarzo ahumando de 10 mm. Cadena de acero galvanizado dorado de 42 cm.

The glass es un material inorgánico duro y transparente, compuesto por sílice, carbonato de sodio y piedra caliza. Se funda a partir de 1500 grados. Por medio de la técnica del vidrio soplado se pueden formar burbujas en su interior.

The quartz It is a mineral composed of silica that is present in igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. It is the most abundant mineral in the earth's crust, and its name derives from the German quartz which means "hard".

The cuarzo ahumado es una variedad del cuarzo procedente de Brasil que debe su color pardo a las radiaciones naturales presentes en su proceso de formación.

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craft culture

Craft time is a time that takes us out of the urgency of everyday life. A time that obeys the materials with which he works, listening to them and accompanying them. It is therefore a gesture far from routine, the one that machines repeat over and over again. The time for crafts in Belén Bajo is also the time for durable materials, metals, stones, to which timeless, simple shapes are proposed, with a certain geometric flavor.

Stylistic influences

Belén Bajo jewelery seeks maximum formal simplicity without giving up a playful touch. In part, its formal universe comes from the Central European rationalist and functional culture, its Mediterranean roots and the survival of the plastic forms of the culture of Al-Andalus in which a geometrized nature is presented by means of infinite patterns.

About Bethlehem Bajo

Belén Bajo trained at the School of Fine Arts in Madrid. There, from formal experimentation, the accumulation of references and manual work, he developed a way of understanding both plastic creation, a universe of chromatic and material abstractions, as well as the value of the roundness of objects as carriers of symbolic meanings.